I'm Josh Bridgman, a 20 something professional bodybuilder, YouTuber, influencer, and founder of 1MR.

My journey has been one of up and downs but ultimately, I have been forging a mindset and work ethic that has allowed me to progress further than I ever thought.

This mentality I slowly coined as 1 MORE REP. Or as you see it today, 1MR. This brand for me, represents a mindset a lifestyle, an opportunity to never give up. To show up every single day and ultimately, take the next rep.

1MR brings you the highest quality gym accessories and sportswear, to help you achieve your individual goals as you push your own physical limit.

Today, 1MR has earned a loyal community of like-minded people who believe in improving themselves not only physically, but mentally, spiritually and emotionally. We as part of the community all strive to be better for ourselves but also for our peers around us.

So, welcome to the family. We can't wait to support your goals and help you to push for 1MR. ALWAYS.